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Diamond Comics (P) Ltd., the largest comic book distributor and publisher in India, was founded by Mr. Gulshan Rai in 1978. Headquartered in Delhi, India, Diamond Comics is the home to most popular and loved comic characters of our nation.

Our parent company, Bhartiya Bhandar Pustakalaya, was started in 1907 in Pakistan. It was re-established in India after partition in 1950 as Punjabi Pustak Bhandar. Diamond Comics (P) Ltd was started with Diamond Pocket Books (P) Ltd in the year 1978. Diamond Comics brought high quality entertainment to Indian readers through the creation of original Indian comic characters like Chacha Chaudhary, Billoo, Pinki, Motu Patlu and many more. The company also started publishing foreign comic books such as Phantom, Mandrake, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, He- man and JamesBond in Hindi.

Our dedicated and creative team of publishing professionals is committed to produce high quality multi-lingual books to both entertain and educate. Our expansive publishing portfolio contains books for readers of all ages. Besides publishing comic books, we also publish nonfiction monthly periodicals on yoga, astrology, crime and health in different Indian languages. Swami Ramadev’s Yoga Sandesh, Osho Today, Health Plus and Vastu are our few eminent non-fiction publications.

We have the most extensive distribution network in India. We are able to distribute all our publications even to the remotest areas of all the states in India in Hindi, English and different regional languages.

Besides publishing, Diamond Comics (P) ltd has also ventured into the field of 2D and 3D animation and digitization of comic books. Fun-filled popular television serials and cartoon programmes based on our characters continue to entertain the viewers of all age groups. We are also planning to launch an exclusive TV channel for kids in the near future.

Diamond Comics Director's message

Gulshan Rai, publisher and creator of Diamond Comics, was born on November 17 1951. His hard work, entrepreneurial skills and business acumen has made Diamond Comics the biggest comic publishing group in India.

Early Years

Mr. Rai, a physics graduate from University of Delhi, set off to Germany in 1970 to learn the intricacies of printing from Heidelberg University. After coming back to India in 1971, he joined his family venture Punjabi Pustak Bhandar, New Delhi. Thereafter, he worked with Publications India, a division of Star Publications Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Rai achieved a milestone in his career when he started publishing Diamond Mini Pocket Books in 1973. The books covered a wide variety of genres -fiction, non-fiction, children’s, educational and much more. The books took the market by storm and the venture was successful.

Creating History with Diamond Comics and Other Ventures

In 1978, Mr. Rai changed the entire Indian comic-book scenario when he started Diamond Comics. The comic characters created by Diamond Comics like Chacha Chaudhary, Billoo, Pinki, Motu Patlu, and many more went on to become household names and are still enjoyed by all age groups. Besides, the company also started publishing many foreign characters comics such as Phantom, Mandrake, He-man, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and James Bond in Hindi. Simultaneously, Mr. Rai also started Diamond Pocket Books which published over 2000 books on varied genres in Hindi , English ,Urdu, Bengali and in other regional languages in its first five years. He also started publishing full series of Osho Book (paperback edition) in Hindi , English and Urdu.

After the sudden death of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, The Prime Minister of India, Diamond Comics published a comic book based on her life. It was called Shanti ki Massiha and within two months, over one million copies were sold.

Mr. Rai re- launched Amar Chitra Katha in 1992 when IBH stopped publishing the same. After a year, he started a series of Film Chitra Katha under which a new movie was released every Friday. Over a period of eight years, 400 movies were released. In the same year, he started a family magazine Grehlakshmi, which turned out to be second top family magazine in Hindi. In 1993, he started a weekly crime magazine Dafa 302 , in Hindi , Bengali , and Oriya which achieved a sale of 2.5 lakh copies every week. In 1993, he produced eight 60 minutes tele films based on the famous Diamond Comics characters. In 1997, Mr.Rai introduced a monthly magazine Vastu Evam Jyotish in Hindi followed by a medical monthly journal Health Plus in Hindi and English. In the following years, Mr. Rai started the publication of crime magazines Manohar Kahaniyan, Satya Katha and Manohar Kaliyan. In 2002, he started publishing a monthly magazine Sunchetna of Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj. In the following year, he introduced a monthly magazine of Swami Ramdev, Yog Sandesh, in Hindi, English & other 11 Regional languages. In 2005, Mr. Rai started the publication of Osho‘s monthly magazine Osho Dhara in Hindi and English which is now known as Osho Today.


For his achievements and contributions in the field of publishing, Mr. Rai has been honoured with many awards. Some of his awards include:

Even after Four decades of never ending hard work, Mr. Rai's entrepreneurial spirit continues. He is now venturing with the new young team into the digitization of all the multi-lingual publications for online access and mobile phones. Diamond Comics is also planning to make computer and mobile games based on its famous comic characters. And planning to Launch in Animated 2-D and 3-D TV serials on famous satellite TV channel in March 2019.

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Diamond Comics Monthly

Chacha Chaudhary, Billoo, Pinki, Soni, Sampat, Raman, Shrimatiji, Channi, Chachi, Motu-Chotu, Rajan Iqbal, Mahabali, Shaka, Chotu-Lambu, Motu Patlu, Dynamite, Agniputra-Abhay, Fauladi Singh, Lambu-Motu, and lots more

Amar Chitra Katha

300 different Chitra Katha titles on Indian culture, heritage, religion and mythologocal tales like Akbar-Birbal, Betal Tales, Tenalirama, Hitopdesh, Panchatantra and lot more.

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Osho Vision, Vastu Evam, Jyotish, Agyat Darshan, Diamond Sachitra Manohar Kahaniyan, Diamond Sachitra Sathya Katha, Manohar Kaliyan

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Books of fiction, non-fiction and religion.

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The exclusive network for distribution in India and abroad.

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Specialised in children promotional items like tattoos, cards, mini comics, micro-mini comics, strip comics, square comics, innovative puzzles, yo-yo, top, posters, labels, time table and lots more.

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Collection of most famous comic features of foreign characters with nonfiction teenage reading material.

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Collection of comic features of all Diamond Comics characters.

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Collection of all top Indian famous comic characters.

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